March Magic of the Month – 5 Incredibly Simple and Delicious Meals

I may be alone in this but I often find myself at a complete loss on what to make for dinner. It’s often just my husband and me and – those who know me well – know that much of the time we just opt for a restaurant! But then I feel guilty because surely […]

October Magic of the Month – Halloween!

We don’t care for the sinister, gory part of Halloween. But we can definitely have fun with ghosts and witches (as long as they’re not too scary), monsters, spiders and the more “light hearted” side of the holiday. We want to share some of our favorite ideas with you. SPIDERS! Both of these cakes are awesome, […]

Baked Rigatoni

My son-in-law’s birthday was last week and when asked what meal he’d like for the celebration, he requested one of his favorites – Baked Rigatoni.  I was very happy to hear this since not only is it delicious, it is also ridiculously simple. I’m sure everyone can agree that any recipe that is a crowd pleaser […]