BBQ Gender Reveal

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Gender Reveal BBQ Invitation

My daughter, Emily, and her husband, Jared, recently announced they are having a baby. After my incredible, over the moon excitement, my next thought was the theme of the gender reveal and baby shower. I guess once a party planner, always a party planner!

First thing is first, of course, so we began with the gender reveal. Emily and Jared asked for a “BBQ” theme. We decided to have the barbecue at our house since we have a big backyard. I tend to use parties such as these as an excuse to get some work done in our house and yard. It’s a great incentive when you know you have 70 of your closest family and friends coming over. Scott loves it when I get these ideas in my head…not!

The big reveal was scheduled for August 20th so we spent much of the summer painting, planting, pruning, mulching, and generally “gussying up” the place. It’s not like our home was falling apart, but we have an older house with a lot of property so there’s always room for improvement!

By the beginning of August, we were both feeling really great about how things looked both inside and outside and felt ready to bring on the party. But guess what? On the big day, the forecast was 100% rain. No outdoor party at our house…

Because I always anticipate bad weather when planning an outdoor event, I had an indoor venue on standby. So we just moved the festivities inside. It certainly wasn’t what I had in mind as barbecues are typically not indoors, but sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan.

Even so, the party was a big success and I was thrilled with the way everything turned out. And you’ll see the result of the big reveal at the end of this post!

As guests arrived, they were asked to choose a pink bandana or blue bandana according to their best gender guess.


Our “outdoor barbecue” moved indoors to our church sanctuary. While it wasn’t exactly the ambiance I had originally planned, it still worked. Each guest table was covered with either pink gingham or blue gingham.

Gender reveal "Indoor Barbecue"

The centerpieces were simple. We collected cans, covered them with scrapbook paper and then filled them with blue or pink hydrangeas and baby’s breath.

Gender reveal centerpiece

The menu was cheeseburger sliders, barbecue chicken sliders, corn on the cob, veggie medley, macaroni and cheese (mom-to-be’s favorite) and baked beans. Standard barbecue fare! My daughter, Laura, made this menu which I thought was adorable.

BBQ Gender Reveal chalkboard menu

BBQ Gender Reveal buffet

The napkins were placed in a cute picnic basket lined with bandanas.

BBQ Gender Reveal plastic ware in picnic basket lined with bandanas

We put the corn on the cob on skewers to make it easy for guests to grab from the buffet.

BBQ Gender Reveal


This marinated vegetable medley is always a popular recipe for barbecues and picnics. It is simply fresh vegetables marinated overnight in Italian salad dressing (I highly recommend Wish-Bone brand as it really seems to make a difference).

Italian marinated vegetable medley

I love the way these deviled eggs turned out. Perfect for a gender reveal!

Gender reveal deviled eggs BBQ theme

Guests could choose from “Pretty in Pink” lemonade or “Bouncing Blue” ginger ale.

Gender reveal drinks "Pretty in Pink" and "Bouncing Blue"

Our dessert table was filled with many delectable choices – all in blue or pink, of course!

Gender reveal dessert table

Gender reveal dessert table
Gender Reveal "What are you Craving" sign on dessert table

Gender Reveal cake "It's A ..."
Gender reveal blue desserts

Gender reveal pink desserts

After everyone was well fed, it was finally time for the actual purpose of this shindig. Is it a boy or a girl?? Thankfully, the weather cleared up at just the right time so everyone could head outside for the big reveal.

Gender reveal BBQ sign

Gender reveal BBQ sign

Gender reveal smoke bomb

Gender reveal It's A Girl!

 Gender reveal It's A Girl!

Stay tuned for Kate’s baby shower!!


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  1. says

    It was an amazing party and so detailed and beautiful! Everything was perfectly done! So very happy to have been there to experience my amazing friend Emily’s special book mark of life!

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