Baby Sprinkle

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Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

My daughter, Laura, is pregnant with her second child. Actually, as I type this I am sitting in a hospital waiting room as our grandson’s birth is imminent!

When Laura’s first child was born – Lila – we threw a huge shower. But, tradition holds that a shower for subsequent babies isn’t necessarily appropriate. Then I heard about the latest rage – a Baby Sprinkle! Basically, this is a more modest version of a shower that is given for a second baby, especially if the second baby is a different gender.

So, once Dawn and I learned about a Baby Sprinkle, we set our plans into motion! It seemed to make sense that the party would involve ice cream – with sprinkles. Of course!

Our gathering was a small affair, just a few close friends and family. But it was lots of fun!

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

We offered quite a few topping options, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Table angle - best

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffetBaby Sprinkle dessert buffetWe also included some other sprinkle-themed desserts.

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

Baby Sprinkle dessert buffet

A delicious dessert cheeseball, covered with sprinkles, and served with graham crackers. Yum!

Baby Sprinkle dessert cheeseball

Laura is the one on the left. Our older daughter, Emily, is on the right – and she is expecting our THIRD grandchild in early January. We are incredibly thankful!!

Emily & Laura at Laura's Baby Sprinkle

By the time I finished this post, Laura gave birth to our first grandson.



Baby Sprinkle sign


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