October Magic of the Month – Halloween!

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We don’t care for the sinister, gory part of Halloween. But we can definitely have fun with ghosts and witches (as long as they’re not too scary), monsters, spiders and the more “light hearted” side of the holiday.

We want to share some of our favorite ideas with you.


Both of these cakes are awesome, you can make a more detailed web cake or a simple buttercream cake and pipe the spiders crawling down the sides. Scary!

cake collage

These spider cookies are such fun. You can turn a chocolate chip cookie into something scary, turn an Oreo into a creepy, crawly spider or put a big, fat spider right on top of a peanut butter cookie.

Spider cookie collageGHOSTS!

Nothing screams Halloween like a ghost. Here are some great ones…

Clever white chocolate covered “nutter butter” cookies, pretzels and strawberries. So simple, yet so fun!

ghost collage 1Here are more fun ideas for a ghostly Halloween. Store bought ghost peeps can top a pudding parfait or a powdered donut. Or pipe buttercream frosting onto a cupcake or brownie. Or for a savory treat, pipe mashed potatoes onto your favorite casserole.ghost collage 2ghost shepherds pie


These monsters we can handle! Monster pretzels and cookies, cupcakes and pudding cups. The kids will love them!

Monster collage 1Other fun treat ideas are decorated “twinkie pops“, ghoulish pumpkins, monster and mummy cake pops and an only slightly scary mummy cupcake.

Monster collage 2


Halloween treats don’t have to be sugary to be fun for the kids. We found some great examples of healthy – yet fun and a bit scary – treats!

Banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins are so clever. Or maybe the kids would prefer an orange carved to look like a jack-o-lantern filled with fresh fruit? Color mandarin orange fruit cups to look like pumpkins or fill cups with grapes. And it certainly can’t get any easier than painting a scary face on a tangerine. We love these ideas!

Healthy collage revised

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