Under Construction Party

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We recently threw a luncheon at our church to honor all the volunteers who work so hard each week. We chose the theme “Under Construction” since this is true of all of us. We are always a “work in progress” and, hopefully, we are always striving to become better and better in all areas of our lives.

The party was a lot of fun and we had a blast with the little details to carry the theme. We covered the food table with a black tablecloth and used white duct tape for the divided line to make the table look like a road. A little construction tape and signs and you’ve got your theme started!

Under Construction party


We served “Build Your Own” deli sandwiches as this seemed appropriate. Assorted sandwich rolls were served in a tool box with trays of deli meat, cheese and plenty of condiments. Everything we served came with a fun name such as “Biohazard” for the potato salad (since this particular food is a love it or hate it kind of dish!).

Sandwich rolls in toolbox

"Build Your Own" sandwiches for construction themed party

Construction themed condiments

Construction themed condiments

Chips in a dump truck "Nuts and Bolts"

Chips in a dump truck "Nuts and Bolts"

Chips in dump truck and bucket

Construction themed lunch


The dessert table was my favorite part of the party. For the background, we put up a pegboard and hung tools and other construction items. It really turned out great!

We put together a “Fill ‘Er Up” candy bar using another tool box. “Spare parts” (Reese’s Pieces), “Pipes” (black licorice) and “Gravel” (Skittles) made for an inviting dessert. The highlight of the dessert table was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting made to look like a construction site.

Construction theme party dessert table

Construction theme party dessert table

Construction themed candy bar "fill 'er up"

Construction themed cakeConstruction themed cake

The guest tables were simple. Orange traffic cones, some tools, construction trucks and construction hats made our centerpieces. The plastic ware was labeled “tools”.

Construction themed centerpiece

We carried the construction theme by removing labels from bottled water and replacing them with “under construction” and “caution” craft tape.

Construction themed bottled water

Even the trash can got included in our theme. We labeled it “Hazardous Waste”!

Trash can 2

We replaced the signs on the men’s room and the women’s room with “porta potty”.

Construction themed party "porta potty"

Construction themed party "porta potty"

The front door made it clear what kind of party the guests were attending. Everyone loved it!

Construction themed party entry

Construction themed party

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