Gender Reveal Party

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My daughter, Laura, is pregnant with her first child – and my first grandchild! Because the latest baby trend seems to be gender reveal parties, we thought we’d join in the fun.

Last month, my other daughter, Emily, Dawn and I put together a fun party for the gender announcement.

As our guests arrived, they had to “vote” on whether they thought the baby was a boy or a girl. Laura is a hair stylist and her husband, Chase, is a hockey player. So the theme of the party was “sticks or shears?” The invitations were mailed and the party planning began.

chalkboard gender reveal ties and tutus sticks or shears v4

Each guest had to vote to be on the “pink team” or the “blue team”. If their guess was a girl, they received a little pink picture of shears. If their guess was a boy, they got to wear a little blue picture of hockey sticks.

He or she sign

Sugar and spice and everything nice – that’s what little girls are made of!
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails – that’s what little boys are made of!

Girl:boy table collage

The food selection was all about blue and pink. We divided our buffet table with a pink and blue table runner. Only blue-decorated food was allowed on the boy side and only pink-decorated food on the girl side!

Food table 2

We served cupcakes, sugar cookies, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, pretzel rods and marshmallows – all pink and blue, of course. One of the guests’ favorites was strawberry and blueberry shortcakes. We put small pieces of shortcake in cupcake liners and covered them with strawberries to represent the pink and blueberries to represent the blue. A dollop of whipped topping and they practically disappeared off the table!

Cupcake platter
Pink cookies
3 tiered collage

Shortcake collage

Drinks included pink lemonade and Sprite with blue food coloring. Each guest had to pick a pink straw or blue straw, depending on how they voted.

Drink table edited

For the guest tables, we made baby blocks as centerpieces. We then collected baby picture of both Laura and Chase and hung them with small clothes pins as centerpieces. We picked white hydrangeas from the yard and completed the bouquets with a variety of pink and blue flowers.

Guest table

Blocks closeupPicture flower closeup

We wanted some competition between the pink and blue teams so we played Ball Toss, Corn Hole and the Old Wives Tale quiz. We kept score by hanging onesies on a clothesline.  A win for the blue team meant a boy’s onesie was hung up and, of course, a win for the pink team meant a girl’s onside went up.

Ball tossOnesies on lineJPGFinally, it was the time for the big reveal. We decided to use pink and blue balloons. Each guest took a balloon, depending on how they voted. On the count of three, everyone blew up their balloons. Those who had a blue balloon noticed theirs wouldn’t blow up. But those who had pink balloons quickly realized that their balloons inflated meaning…

It’s a Girl!!

That’s right, it’s a girl! Lila Emily Fairchild will be born in early November and we can’t wait!

Laura & Chase with balloonsJPG


Some were very happy to hear it was a little girl…

Balloon collage 1

And some, not so much…Balloon collage 2

Meet Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild!

Chuck and Luanne collage

And, Aunt Emily!


The future uncles!

Fairchild boys

Dad and friends want to make it clear that nobody better mess with Baby Lila!

Guys' muscles collage

Congratulations, Chase and Laura. We love you so much and can’t wait to meet Lila!

Laura & Chase with sign





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