Autumn at the Den

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front lampost - fallFront door - fall

It’s hard to put into words how much I love the autumn season. Not only does it remind me of our earliest days in Indiana, but my mom’s memory seems to be strongest as I view the vibrant colors of changing leaves, smell the scents of the season, feel the crisp coolness of the days and simply take time to enjoy it all.

My mom established early on that when autumn came to Indiana, it was time to start decorating. Now, as I anxiously open each box of fall decorations (and there are a LOT of them), I feel like she is right beside me – reminding me of where each pumpkin and scarecrow should be placed, since I often forget from year to year.

After the decorating is complete, as I walk around the house and see its transformation, I am filled with such a deep satisfaction as well as an excitement of the weeks to come where I can enjoy autumn in all its beauty.

The window box on the back deck is filled with leftover ivy from my summer arrangement and plenty of pumpkins. I also love to use hydrangeas from the yard. They spruce up the window box and allow us to enjoy them a little longer.

deck window box

I always have to include the garden house in the back of our property in the fall decorations. It makes for a very pretty view.

garden house closeup fall


garden house window box


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