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A favorite pastime for our family is traveling.  My parents instilled in us a love for striking out to “see what we could see”.

Whether it’s a trip overseas or simply a daylong road trip to see local scenery, we suffer from an incurable wanderlust.

If I’m not planning a trip, I’m a little sad.  I realize this sounds spoiled and selfish, but I’m just stating a fact.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a chance to get away for a bit.

My parents made an annual tradition of going to England and Scotland.  This was something they looked forward to all year.  This is also where my mom collected many of her most fascinating recipes.

After I got married and started a family, we discovered that as a couple, we also desired to travel as much as schedules and finances would allow.  In fact, we felt so strongly about this that we began homeschooling our daughters in 2001.  Emily had just completed sixth grade and Laura third grade.  We decided to take one year off of traditional school to have the freedom and flexibility to travel.  Our intention was to put them right back in school after that time.

We purchased an RV, loaded up the school books and hit the road.  We typically were gone for a week or two at a time, but once we were able to take a month-long trip.  We went out west and visited Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, and even made it all the way to British Columbia.  It was an incredible experience none of us will ever forget.

The education our daughters received from traveling is irreplaceable.  In fact, we loved this lifestyle so much that we continued to homeschool through high school.  (And in case you’re wondering, they both graduated from college and have successful careers!)

We have the great privilege of traveling even now with our adult children.  The travel bug has completely taken them as well and they get away – either on their own or with us – as often as possible.

I am excited to share some of our traveling exploits with all of you on “Adventures Outside the Glen”.



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