Bloom Where You’re Planted

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The Moral of the Story is the place where I want to share important lessons I learned from my mom.  There will never be a lack of things to write about since she taught me so much throughout my life.  In fact, she continues to teach me many things, even though she is no longer physically here.

One of the most profound examples my mom modeled was the principle “bloom where you’re planted”.  She actually quoted these words often and we even teased her a bit about it.  The idea is that in life we will face some difficult circumstances, it is an unavoidable fact of life.  The key is in our response.

So many times I saw my mom faced with challenges.  Things often didn’t go as she had hoped or planned.  Certainly my mom initially reacted with fear, worry or anxiety,  But, ultimately she adapted and moved on.  She truly lived out this example to us time and time again each time she responded to a challenge or disappointment as an opportunity to trust that there was a greater purpose and plan for her life.

Mom edited

My mom was known to have a smile that lit up a room

Of course, this was easier for her because these reactions were based on her faith.  Her deep belief in God and her love for Him filled her with a strength, joy, and peace that truly passed all understanding (Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”)

This example has served me well in my life.  Just like everyone, I have faced difficulties – and will certainly face them again from time to time – but I have been shaped and influenced by a strong and faithful woman.  For that I am truly blessed.

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